Congratulations to our trainees!

Eseosa Odigie presented our work on Quality, Literacy, Accessibility and Inclusivity Assessment of Laryngology Mobile Apps at the American Laryngological Association in Dallas, April 2022.

Siddhi Hedge and Shreya Sriram presented our Scoping Review of Cough Sounds in Diagnostics at the American Broncho-Esophagological Association in Dallas, April 2022.

Peter Yao graduated medical school at WCM and will be a PGY1 in Otolaryngology at NYP starting in June 2022.

Lexa Harpel was accepted in medical school at WCM and will be starting in July 2022.

Sarita Ballakur matched at Temple Otolaryngology.

Katerina Andreadis was accepted in the Population Health PhD program at NYU starting in the Fall semester of 2022.

Rising MS4 Ilan Palte presented our work on a swallow rehabilitation device at AGS 2022.

Rising MS4 Alex German and MS2 Ashley Kim presented our work on a layrngoscopy informative frame classifier at the Machine learning in Medicine Conference at Cornell University in June 2022.

Dr. Ellie Morse PGY3 presented our work on surgical ergonomics of women otolaryngologist at the NYP Resident Research Day 2022. 

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